This morning I was thinking to myself, what is the one thing that makes me feel better, gives me hope, when I’m going through a rough patch and feeling blue? Flowers! Flowers always lift my spirits. I often take my cell phone put on a floppy hat, go outside for a few minutes and just snap pictures of flowers.

It is amazing how much better my mood is after doing this, my pain level may still be the same. Yet endorphins have kicked in, breathing new life to my heart, body, and soul! Further boosting my hope level! Why? Because I was doing something I truly enjoyed and I was doing it outdoors. Breathing fresh air, feeling the sun and the breeze on my skin, three things you can’t get indoors.

I usually share the pictures I take on Facebook and Twitter, so that my friends who love flowers can enjoy them too. Giving something of yourself to others, has its own rewards.  Sharing and knowing that I have brought joy and hope to someone else, further lifts my spirits. Being a source of hope, encouragement and inspiration, to others with migraine and chronic pain, is pretty much my mission in life. If I can do that with flower power, then I say “Bring on the flowers”!

“Where flowers bloom so does hope!” Lady Bird Johnson

Live with hope,

These are from my garden, enjoy!

Pure White Butterfly Daisy

Coleus Ruby Slipper

Calibrachoa Can-Can® Apricot