Scrolling through Twitter this morning, I came across a tweet that said, “If I see anymore Inspiration Porn, I’m going to blast it off of Twitter”! I was totally taken aback, “Inspiration Porn”, like it’s something dirty and should be seen only on the dark web?!

Inspiration is extremely important to me, on this journey with migraine disease, both giving and receiving it. To take inspiration away from a chronically ill person, is tantamount to removing life-giving water. It would certainly cause them to lose hope and that is just not acceptable!

Hope, inspiration, encouragement, and support are just as important, as my medications are. If I can’t maintain a positive outlook, stay hopeful, inspired, encouraged, all the medication in the world isn’t going to have the impact it should.

Don’t ever give up on being a source of inspiration, for your fellow migraineurs! We all need each other on this journey.

“To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible” Author Unknown

Live with hope,