I bet you never thought of migraine and super powers in the same sentence! I didn’t either until recently, when I ran across a meme about the very subject. I thought to myself “this is a topic I could have a bit of fun with”! It’s not often that we get to laugh at ourselves when it comes to living with migraine. I consider humor one of the most valuable tools, along with hope, in my migraine toolbox!

So what kind of super powers would a person with migraine have?

  • A keen sense of smell, we can sniff out the tiniest whiff of fragrance, that one bad potato in the bag behind a closed-door, you might find one if us digging through the fridge, muttering “for love of God where IS that smell coming from?”. We would be the ones who know what the neighbors are having for dinner. Bloodhounds have nothing on us!
  • The ability to see the speck of light that has somehow found its way through our black out curtains. Invading our holiest of holy migraine cave, such insubordination is not to be tolerated and is dealt with swiftly. I my case I have found that duck tape, works the quickest. A more long-term fix can be dealt with later.
  • Many of us have hearing that is better than Superman! During a migraine attack and for some even without an attack, our ears remain super attuned to sound. Much like light sensitivity. When we are alone, watching TV on its lowest volume possible and still being able to hear it, is definitely a super power! Then there’s the time that a cricket finds it way into your home. You have to hunt that sucker down and kill it dead, or there will be no peace for your head!
  • I’ve become a human barometer, able to predict when storms will arrive with better accuracy than the weather forecaster! Only he/she gets paid and I don’t, doesn’t seem quite fair now does it?
  • I really love this one! All the cravings of a pregnant woman, without the joys of the baby at the end. Not sure if that’s really a super power, but I could probably win a contest for the most chocolate eaten in one sitting!
  • Learning the art of meditation, I already have biofeedback down, many other folks with migraine have mastered this. Yes it is a super power, as it can help us draw on an inner strength and peace, when we need it most.
  • Lastly and our most important super power is, empathy! As migraineurs we have all gone through similar circumstances, at one time or another. Making us able to empathize with one another, lend support, encouragement, love, and inspiration! We are one special tribe!

Have you encountered an migraine super power, if so feel free to comment below. There is nothing I’d like better, than hearing the story of your experience with migraine super powers.

“Gentle is a super power #Inspiration #Motivation #Wellness #Disability #Leadership #Success #Mental Health” Author Unknown

Live with hope,