“Thanks for the memory
Of faults that you forgave,
Of rainbows on a wave,
And stockings in the basin
When a fellow needs a shave,
Thank you so much”

I can’t think about memories without Bob Hope coming to mind and the song which became known as his signature song, “Thanks For the Memory”. Bob Hope has long been a favorite comedian of mine, as well as a truly great man for his many years of USO service, for our troops.

The subject of memory or memory loss came up on Facebook the other day, when I shared one of my “On this day” memories. When living with migraine, I have had the moments of aphasia, during an attack. Where my words come out a tangled mess or my mind just goes blank and can’t thing of the word I want to say at all. This is extremely frustrating and debilitating, especially for those who work with the public. As they feel it makes them look “stupid or dumb”, which is not the case at all. It is part of a Neurological Disease called Migraine and is wired into our DNA. We need to learn to cut ourselves some slack, these things are going to happen, stop take a deep breath and move on. People are more understanding than you think!

Brain fog and memory loss during a status migraine can really leave me scratching my head! I’ve had times in the past when I have completely forgotten an entire week, most of that was medication related and when the medication was adjusted that was fixed. Through times of intense, extreme pain, I can block out everything that is happening around me. I am too focused on trying not to throw up and praying the pain will stop. I still deal with memory loss from time to time, again this is mostly the side effect of my preventative medication, Topamax. As you read this you are probably thinking, Ah ha! Yes, Topamax is well-known for this side effect, but frankly I’m willing to put up with it, because it took me eight years to find this medication that finally helped. I have a boat load of allergies, that made this search challenging and continues to make treating my migraine attacks a challenge. I am blessed with a doctor who works with me and who has never given up on me, though others have!

Before staring Topamax, I was being hospitalize every four weeks for DHE infusions! Now it is down to three to four times a year, to me that is well worth putting up with some pesky memory loss now and then. So what if I forget an episode to a TV show I watched the week before or a movie we watched? On the grand scale of things, what is really more important? Effective prevention or the ability to remember every tiny detail of life? I keep a detailed journal on paper and online of bills that are paid and have never missed one. I also make sure the calendar on my phone is updated with doctors appointments and other important events. These measures help me insure that I don’t miss anything of great importance. This is what living with migraine is about, making your life the best it can be despite migraine. And doing so with hope infused into every nook and cranny!

“Awfully glad I met you,
Cheerio and toodle-oo
Thank you,
Thank you so much.”  Songwriters: LEO ROBIN, RALPH RAINGER

Live with hope,