You know that dream you always had, the one where you came to middle school naked? Come on be honest now, you had this dream or a variation of it. Middle school years are the roughest, you’re in those pre-teen, then the a brand new teenage years. With all those new hormones floating around in our bodies. Feeling constantly embarrassed about something, OMG there’s a new pimple on my face, my hair looks awful today, I couldn’t find my favorite sweater(probably because my younger sister swiped it)and had to wear this ugly blue one, did Tom, Dick or Harry, really look my way? Oh my gosh, I hope I didn’t have anything stuck in my teeth! Then there was the totally embarrassing moment, when I was put in the boys gym class, because my mother thought naming me Roni, after an Elvis Presley movie was cool! 

I finally get through, middle school, high school, and get married, start a family, not even giving a thought to having any more of those awful embarrassing moments. Then my episodic migraines, morphed into chronic migraine, and along with it a whole different ballgame of embarrassing moments. Frankly I just laugh about them now and find the humor in the situations. It’s how I survive living with daily chronic migraine and pain, we all have to find coping mechanisms. Mine is hope and humor! 

Laughter really is the best medicine and crying I’ve found, get’s me nowhere and nothing, except to make my headache from the migraine attack worse. As well as, using up energy stores needed to fight the migraine attack. 

These are just a few of my most embarrassing migraine moments: 

  • Pouring water into my cereal, instead of milk. 
  • Misplacing my glasses, which I can’t read or see far distances without. Those we finally found, in a kitchen cabinet! 
  • Making a new recipe for Christmas morning, using a smaller dish, but not adjusting the ingredients for said dish. Yikes what a mess and the SMOKE! You’ve could have sent out signals with it! 
  • Recently I knocked off of my bedside table, a Rt. 44 Vanilla Dr. Pepper into my medication bag, not once but twice! I normally don’t drink soda, but for some reason I was craving it at the time. Needless to say  the soda got into some of my pill bottles, ruining the medication inside. I emailed my doctors nurse with pictures, so he wouldn’t think I was trying to pull a fast one. Of course he didn’t, we’ve known each other quite a while, he said it actually made him laugh, he took care of the meds that needed to be ordered. Then gave me his tip for the day; move my medication bag! 
  • My very most embarrassing moment came when, I was writing my “Flower Power” blog. As that day was a cave day, I was wearing a nightshirt, it came to my knees, so I felt decent enough to step outside long enough to snap pictures of my flowers. There was only one drawback, having insomnia, my goal is to sleep in what is most comfortable to me, this means excluding panties. That day was a tad windy, so I was being extra careful to keep my nightshirt where it belong. Everything was going on swimmingly until, I had to get down on one knee to snap a picture. The problem then became, that I was unable to get back up. My knees haven’t been all that great, due to several surgeries years ago. Then there was all the swelling I experienced from the reaction to the IV Depokate, while in the hospital in May. They have given out on me before, with unpleasant outcomes. To get back up I had to put both knees on the ground and grab ahold of two planters to use has leverage to get up. During this process where do you think my arse was, you got it, high and proud! Nothing like mooning your neighbors! When I got up I looked around quickly, thank god no one was there to see the show, at least no one that I could see! But by golly I got my pictures, even if my arse got a little air! 

“If you are never, scared, embarrassed, or hurt, it means you never take chances”  Julia Soul

Live with hope,