When we were kids, it was always exciting to lose a tooth! This meant The Tooth Fairy would visit some time during the night, taking our baby tooth and leaving money it its place. Which more often than not, we used to go and buy candy with! 

When we become an adult, losing teeth is not something to be happy about and is the subject of my post today. There are many things that are hard on the enamel of your teeth, but for a person living with migraine, there are two that I want to talk about. These two things had the biggest impact on my oral health. 

  1. Vomiting: With my first pregnancy I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum, for the first 6 months, it was quite horrid. When I throw up, I heave rather violently, causing petechiae on my face. Flash forward seventeen years, when my episodic migraine became chronic. Once again I was vomiting on a regular basis, ick, yuck and all that goes with that.
    It is very important to know, that after a vomiting episode, rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash, thoroughly before brushing. Otherwise you are brushing the stomach acids and such, into the enamel on your teeth. Using oral care products that help strengthen the teeth enamel, can also be helpful in the long run.
  2. Medications that cause a dry mouth: This is a really big problem for our teeth enamel and one that isn’t talked about very much. I have been on such medication years before my migraine became chronic. Some medicines for GI problems cause dry mouth. Then came the medicines for migraine, many of which cause dry mouth.
    I started noticing little pieces of enamel coming off of my teeth, then bigger pieces. I went to my dentist, who had no idea what was going on. By the time I got in to see an Oral Surgeon, it was really bad. He looked at my medication list and asked me about dry mouth symptoms. Once I told him my history, he was able to tell me the damage he saw, was from dry mouth and some from vomiting. Because the damage was so wide-spread and would cost into the thousands to repair. We opted to pull them all and go with dentures.
    I tell you all of this, because there is nothing like your own teeth, treat them well! I wish everyday, that I had known all of this earlier!
    Some tips if you suffer with dry mouth: They have several things on the market to help with this problem. Biotene, which comes in a Mouthwash, Oral Gel(for bedtime us), a Spray to use as needed, and a Toothpaste. Work closely with your dentist if you have this problem, regular checkups are a must. Drink plenty of fluids and avoid eating sticky/candy sweets whenever possible. 

The goal is to keep your own teeth! 

“Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond” Miguel de Cervantes

Live with hope,

*A special thanks to my friend Rosa, for helping me with this one! Thank you, Amiga!