In the comic book world they are many types of defenders. Those that are bullet proof, have super human strength, are fierce fighters even though they are blind, can summon mighty power to just one fist. But what do they use this power for, who do they defend? In comic book world, it is usually other people or even an entire city, against an evil group of people bent on its distructions. 

Living with migraine, we need our own defenders. What might they be? First and foremost is HOPE! There is nothing as strong as hope, it gives us the strength we need to face another day. Courage to know, that we are not alone! That this pain cannot last forever. Hope is even stronger than fear, we can live without a lot of things in life, but hope is not one of them! 

Use humor to find, an underlying bit of zaniness in a situation. This allows us to laugh at the situation, instead of cry or get angry. Laughter really is the best medicine, your spirits will rise instead of fall. Humor is my bestfriend, seriously, I would have not made it this far on my migraine journey without humor!

Positivity is a must, the more positive you are, the less likely to succumb to the bullets of negativity. Negativity kills the soul, slowly, a little here, a little there. Until all the hope you had is completely gone. 

Lastly we have to advocate for ourselves, this is where our true strength comes from. Learn as much as possible about the type of migraine you live with! Know your medications inside out, don’t just blindly take a medication because your doctor told you to. Ask questions, find out why, they think this medicine is the best. Also when you are hospitalized, make sure the nurse tells you what medicine she is giving you. Then when you are handed the medication, check it yourself. It’s not being paranoid, its advocating. 


“Just because a person smiles all the time. Doesn’t mean their life is perfect. That smile is a symbol of hope and strength!” Lauryn Hill

Live with hope,