“A friend who is far away is sometimes much nearer than one who is at hand”
― Kahlil Gibran



The last couple of weeks have been extremely difficult, I had to watch from afar, as a dear friend, mentor and someone I love very much, go through a horrible situation. It was truly heartbreaking! I wanted so badly to be there, so I could wrap my arms around her, to let her know she was not alone! Something she tells those of us in the migraine community all the time. “There is HOPE!” “You Are Not ALONE” 

Right now her heart and soul are wounded and she needs time to heal, as we all would.  Many in the migraine community have reached out, to show their love and condolences, with food, phone calls, many, many phone calls, cards and messages. That is what I love about the migraine community, it is strong, we pull together, to support one another, we show love and a caring spirit to those who desperately need it. We have a, all for one and one for all, mentality! This is the kind of life my friend lived on a daily basis, because she loves and cares for those in the migraine community! 


This kind of love, support, encouragement, inspiration, and kindness, is unlike any that I’ve seen, with other illnesses. We build bonds and friendships, that last years and stay strong. I don’t ever want to take any of my friendships for granted, because they are a true blessing. A blessing that has helped me to grow stronger, in my life with migraine. A walk I know, that I will never have to make ALONE, and there is always HOPE! 

“Because everything of value that we will know in this life comes from our relationships with those around us. Because there is nothing material that measures against the intangibles of love and friendship.”
― R.A. Salvatore

Live with hope,

*Dedicated to Teri Robert, my very good friend, mentor, a most dedicated patient advocate for migraine and headache disorders, you’d be hard pressed to find! I love you, my dear friend!