“Let’s start the New Year right
One minute to midnight
One minute to go
One minute to say goodbye
Before we say hello”

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions, for the most part, they’ve always gotten broken. I think it’s much more productive, to look back at the old year, and think of the mistakes/missteps I’ve made, and use those examples, as to how I can do better this year.

The one thing that I have challenged myself to do, the last the last two years, was enter the Goodreads reading challenge. I have beat my challenge in 2016 by 20 books and in 2017 by 19. I love to read, I can thank my third grade teacher, Mrs. Anderson, for awaking the love and magic, of reading within me. Everyday she would read a chapter or two, from one of the Little House on The Prairie books. I became enthralled in the story and wanted to know more about this family. Every summer after that I would spend reading, different sets of novels, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Dana Girls, etc. My Mom was an avid reader also, something that we took great advantage of, when she was deep into a book you could ask her just about anything and get the answer, uh-huh! As I got older she introduced me, to some of the authors she liked to read.

I always have a book ready to read, on my Kindle Fire. When I’m going through a bad migraine cycle, I have days that I can’t tolerate being on the computer or watching TV. The Kindle Fire has these, nifty little gadgets, that allows you to change the page color, lower the light or even go ahead and turn on the blue shade. I can usually read, reading takes me away from the pain, for a while. I enter into a new world, that the author has written, in a book you can go anywhere, be anything, live another life, explore the world, and all you have to do is open a book! I will be forever grateful, to Mrs. Anderson for sharing this gift with me. Which I shared with my son’s, I started reading to them when they were, only a few months old. They are both avid readers, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

As you think about the New Year and all it may hold, don’t heap a bunch of resolutions on your head. Think of all the things you did right, and keep on doing those. As for the things that didn’t go so well, think of them as a life lesson, and don’t repeat them. Living with migraine, is tough enough on us already, don’t make it harder on yourself. Breathe, relax, use biofeedback, learn some form of meditation, it’s not easy at first, but worth the work.

The quotes I’m using are from a movie, Holiday Inn made in 1942, one of my favorites, I love the Classics!



“Let’s watch the old year die
With a fond good-bye
And our hopes as high
As a kite”

Live with hope,