“Achievement. Just another skill of a ninja.”
― Jarius Raphel


A ninja has many tools at his or her’s disposal, all of them deadly, not counting the physical skills they have trained, long and hard for. Without their skills and weaponry, a ninja is just like every other person you pass on the street, ordinary. Ninja’s can be traced back to 14th century, Japan where their talents were used to spy and infiltrate the enemy. They moved like ghosts, getting the information they needed, to protect their families and homelands. I dare to say, they never slacked off on their duties, there was far too much at stake.

I can see many correlations, between a ninja and a Migraine Ninja. Let me list a few and see if, I can make them as clear to you, as they seem to me.

  • A Migraine Ninja also needs tools, and we are proactively adding more tools, to our box all the time.
  • The first line of defense, we add to our tool box, is our daily preventative. This is our most powerful weapon against migraine. Without it we would be a ninja, stripped of almost all of his weapons.
  • Next would be our abortive and rescue medications. Combined with our preventative, these are extremely powerful weapons against migraine.
  • For some the addition of Botox and nerve blocks, are added weapons in the fight against migraine. More tools to be added to our box.
  • Ninjas of old spied on their enemy, in order to gather information. As a Migraine Ninja, we most continue to learn as much as we can, about our disease. This a tool, but also an armor, to protect against spammers and the like. How can you stand up for yourself, advocate, if you don’t understand your migraine condition?
  • Be proactive, find ways to decrease the stress in your life, with relaxation techniques. Learn some kind of meditation, I have found Mindfulness Meditation, with the app Headspace, to be very helpful and easy to follow. I also practice Biofeedback, and find listening to music, Jazz, Easy Listening, Adele, and songs from the 50’s, to be calming when I’m feeling anxious. As well as, Chamomile tea.
  • Even as a Migraine Ninja, there will be times, that you feel depressed and anxious. Especially if you have clinical depression, living with chronic pain is not easy. Sometimes you have to pick yourself up, mentally kick your bum, and pour your own hope. If you are feeling overly depressed and anxious, and you’re not on any medication, there is no shame whatsoever, in seeking help. If you are on medication, and still feeling deeply depressed, I would say a chat with your doctor is in order.
  • Giving up is just not an option, I’ve worked too long and too hard!
  • The real joy comes, when you are able to help, encourage, inspire, uplift, bring hope to someone feeling hopeless,  on their journey with migraine. That feeling, knowing you have brought hope, back into someones life. It is more precious than gold, showing kindness is what a Migraine Ninja does, everyday in any way!
a-woman-lifts-her-arms-in-praise-at-sunrise_Si9qH2KLwg_thumb (2)

A woman set free, from hopelessness!

“Grant That I May Radiate Thy Light, Thy Love,

Thy Healing, Thy Joy, and Thy Peace,
to All Those Around Me
and All Those in My Thoughts
This Day and Ever More.”
– Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Live with hope,